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Why should we outsource & what work can be outsourced?
The concept of outsourcing is becoming very popular as it has multiple benefits Viz:
A. Management can focus on the core & critical areas and non-core & non critical areas can be outsourced.
B. Quality of work improves as KPO/BPO Company is specialized in handling the particular process.
C. Timely delivery as the delivery targets can be integral part of the KPO/BPO contract.
D. Cost Effective particularly the offsite KPO/BPO contracts due to sharing of common resources.

Back end processes can be outsourced e.g.
A. Accounts bookkeeping.
B. Drawing of Final Balance Sheet.
C. Tax returns, compliances, Assessments both Direct & Indirect Taxes.
D. Payroll processing, personal taxes, PF & ESI compliance.
E. Receivables & Payables follow-ups & confirmations.
F. Reconciliation's
G. Periodic Bank reports.
H. Inventory Accounting & Verification.
I. Maintenance of statutory register etc.
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We can get the work done from our own employee. Why should we outsource?
Outsourcing scores over in-house employees on many counts viz:
A. In most of the cases the KPO/BPO company salary structures & overheads is likely to be lower.
B. Company can have a lean organization & lesser hassle of people management.
C. Elimination of Exit cost in case of unfavorable business cycles.
D. Time based periodic increments can be avoided.
E. Substantial savings in training & recruitment & replacement cost.
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How will the Business Process Outsourcing (KPO/BPO) Company handle the Accounts & Tax work, which is based on numerous documents & information?
Documents & information can be transmitted either through electronics mode or physical mode. In the KPO/BPO contracts the documents flow & accountability shall be clearly defined. The documents shall be returned back to the Company as per the agreed periodicity.
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How does KPO/BPO Company ensure the document protection & confidentiality?
Electronics data & information shall be protected by proper well defined Backup management & storing the same in multiple locations. Having a proper storing arrangement free from fire, water & burglary risks shall protect physical documents. The KPO/BPO Company shall ensure confidentiality by sharing the sensitive information only with senior level employees. KPO/BPO agreement shall have the secrecy clause & also KPO/BPO Company shall have secrecy agreement with its employees.
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How cost-effective is KPO/BPO?
KPO/BPO is a very cost effective proposition. Cost savings will depend on the Salary structure, size of the organization & overheads levels.
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We are small & Medium size Enterprise ( SME). Can we afford the KPO/BPO services?
SMEs can avail the services of Professional Experts at affordable price which otherwise will not be cost effective to employ a full time professional. Another advantage that SMEs would derive is they will be the beneficiaries of the latest updated systems. We recommend offsite contracts for the SMEs.
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We already have people to look after this job. How are we going to handle the transition?
We as a KPO/BPO organization have good experience of handling the transition. KPO/BPO is a very effective tool for trimming the organization. We normally make the analysis of the manpower requirement along with the CEO / Functional Heads. Wherever feasible & cost effective we will absorb the existing staff. Surplus to be dealt with by the Management.
We have our own integrated ERP system to handle the Accounts & tax function. How can KPO/BPO help us?
The best of the system is also people dependent. We have skilled manpower, which can be trained to handle your ERP system. Offsite or Onsite can be decided on case-to-case basis.